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Snowy morning...

It has been snowing since early in the morning.
I think it's too cold to go out.
Canon...You don't like such a cold day, do you?


Avian Influenza

We went to Koyaike Park in Itami city.
The purpose of today was finding Wild Nutria, and taking pictures of them with 'Canon'.
But unfortunately, we could not approach the water in the park because dead waterfowl was found. And they were infected with avian influenza.

in my car on the way...

New friend "Qoo"

Few weeks ago, when I went to work with Canon, I was called out from a woman while waiting for a signal at the intersection near my house.
She said she also has a french-bulldog that name's Qoo.

Since that day, it seems that Canon is looking forward to seeing her.

And I hope I can meet Qoo someday...

Canon in the bathroom.

Canon's dinner (1. Feb. 2011)


Chickens, Cabbages, Carrots, and Touch of Salt

Frozen Sunday....

Last Sunday (30. Jan) was very cold day.
So we supposed to stay home all day.
But got an e-mail from our friend Yuko to meet in Rokko Island.
She taught us another friend Nao will sell some cookies at a Bazar held in Rokko Island.

Both Yuko and Nao have a black french-bulldog.
Yuko's "Kiwi", and Nao's "Monjiro".

We decided to go, but did not take Canon together because it was cold.
But once we met Kiwi and Monjiro, we wanted to take Canon.
Then we're back home to take her.
About 1 hour later, we went Rokko Island with Canon again.

But we play only 15 minutes or so, we must say good-bye.
Because it was too cold to play!!!

I thought we freeze to death :-P

Canon with stripe sweater
Kiwi with green sweater
Monjiro with pink sweater